Polish for a Cause- "Bleu Cruiser" & "Glowing Smardy" by PolishedbyKPT

Hey everyone!
I have some special polish swatches and reviews to share with all of you tonight!

Katherine of PolishedbyKPT created this duo of polishes for a special cause. Pictured on the left is "Bleu Cruiser", a royal blue polish with tiny glass shimmer flakes. On the right, is "Glowing Smardy", a rechargeable glow in the dark polish with various shades of blue glitters in various sizes.

What makes this duo so special, is that these were made in honor of a boy named Nate. He has Spinal Muscular Atrophy with Respiratory Distress Type 1 (SMARD1) which is a neuromuscular condition that causes weak muscles.  SMARD is caused by mutations on the IGHMBP2 gene.  It is a motor neuron disease, meaning there is progressive destruction of cells that control motor function.

Photo taken from PolishedbyKPT's Facebook page.

You can read more about Nate and his story here;
Nate's Story

If you want to read more about the disease, you can by going here;
About SMARD 

And now, on to the swatches and reviews!
(click on photos to enlarge)

First up, "Bleu Cruiser".
I applied two coats over white finished off with a top coat. This polish is super shiny and so amazing in real life! It was so hard to photograph the shimmer without having a huge glare on my nail.
The polish became a little thick as I applied it, so I was careful to paint thin layers so the polish wouldn't bubble up (with air bubbles). Application was smooth, and with the top coat, the finish is all nice and shiny.

you can better see the shimmer in this close-up of the bottle!

in shade

bottle shot
The second polish of the duo is called "Glowing Smardy".
Application was nice and smooth, and dried super fast, so I didn't have to wait so long to apply more than one coat.
I used two coats over "Bleu Cruiser" again topped with a top coat.

Close-up of the bottle!

Glow in the dark photo!
This polish didn't glow as much on my nails, but I think that has to do with my dark base color. I will try to swatch this over white in the future and I will update you all with what happens!

**I will be putting together a videos of these polishes in motion, but as of now, my video editing program is not working. I will update you with when I put together this video.
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This duo is set to be released on August 1st and 50% of all sales will go to Nate's medical expenses.
PolishedbyKPT can be purchased here;

I absolutely love these polishes and they're for a good cause, so I recommend these 100% to all of you! They're a good addition to any polish addict's collection.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. a lovely shot! I really love how the way you shoot your nails =D so cool and lovely! Can't wait for Bleu Cruiser to be release =D