Refinery29 Instagram Nail Art Competition Week One

Hey everyone! 
Refinery29 is having a fun Instagram Nail Art Competition! They asked all nail artists out there to tag one of their best nail art photos to be entered into it. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the finalists! We were given four challenges to complete along with a ton of fun Revlon polishes to complete them with! These are pictures of the design I did for the first challenge.
The link to vote is included after all the photos!
(click to enlarge)


Welcome to the games, everyone. To kick things off, we’re asking our challengers to use their Revlon Nail Art polishes to create bold geometric shapes, patterns, and stunning abstract art. An art degree would come in handy right about now.

"Cubism is one of my favorite art movements, so I wanted to do something that focused mainly on lines and color. I created a bold pattern playing the colors of the polishes off each other with a bold, black line separating them."

Lovin' the angle on this one!

I was in North Carolina when I had to do this challenge!

I had to take pictures with the flowers, how could I not!

You can vote for my design (or any really, they're all good!) on the Refinery29 website;

I'm the third one down!
You vote by clicking on the heart to the left of the photo of my face!
Thank you in advance! I'm super far behind, but I hope with all your help I can catch up!
It would be super amazing to win, but of course I"m doing this just because it's super fun and I get to do some awesome nail art in the process!

Thanks for reading!

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