Refinery29 Instagram Nail Art Competition Week Three

Hey everyone!
It's week three in Refinery29's Instagram Nail Art Competition and I'm still in!


It’s summer, the time for all-white outfits and brightly colored accents. For this round, we're asking our combatants to create arresting, original all-day/all-night looks using only white and neon with Revlon Nail Art Neon—no pastels, no darks, no earth tones, and no excuses.

"I used most of the Revlon Nail Art Neon collection to create a rainbow gradient and added a swirly design in white over the rainbow. This design is a fun way to be the center of attention at any day or night party."

Here are some pics of the gradient I did under the white design;

It started to rain a lot when I wanted to take this picture! It rained so much that I had to wait until the following day to take the final design pictures...

You can vote for my design here;

Thanks for reading!

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