Revlon Moon Candy Glitter Placement

Hey everyone!

This is the design I did for the Refinery29 Instagram Nail Art contest for the last challenge...but sadly, I was eliminated in round 3 and didn't make it to round four...

Here are some pictures of the design I did for the challenge...
(click to enlarge)

The lower the sun got in the sky, the more holographic the glitter became!

Out of focus to show the holo..

In the shade the glitters still had a lot of color in them.

And yeah, I'm crying like a baby as I write this...but I will say I had the best time creating all these fun designs with really awesome new Revlon polishes and I'm so happy for getting as far as I did in the competition. 

I wouldn't be as upset if one of the contestants designs didn't look exactly like mine (and her description of it)...and if I knew we could use other polishes than just the Moon Candy ones...seems a bit unfair that I didn't know, I can't really change any of that now, so I will vent no further on my blog.

Thank you for all the support in the contest and the continued support on my blog. Maybe one day my nail obsession will get me somewhere, but for now, it is just a hobby I do to make me happy. It will always be done just to make me happy, to relieve stress, and for fun.

And I would like to thank Refinery29 for being so amazing for choosing me in the first place to take part in this. And Revlon for supplying 30+ polishes for me to use. It was a girls dream to get so much polish delivered to her.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Hi Anna! I just saw this manicure in Nail It magazine! It caught my eye because I love the mosaic/stained glass effect.It looks so amazing! I would love to see a how to on this look.♡♥♡