"High Maintenance" by PolishedbyKPT

Hey everyone! Today I have a swatch and review of "High Maintenance" by PolishedbyKPT.
I used two coats of this glitter polish over NCLA's "Not So Sweet" (pink) and Sinful Colors "Candy Coated" (purple).
I did a watermarble accent nail for fun.
Application was nice, I didn't have to go fishing for glitters, they were really easy to get out of the bottle.


I love the colors of all the different glitters in this polish. They seem to change depending on what you use as a base color! The pink base you can see all the pastel glitters, and the large ones look almost purple, but over the purple base, they look more pink. This is a very fun glitter, and can go with pretty much any base color you want.


Also a plus, the large glitters don't curl! Yay!

In the shade

Close-up in the sun!
This polish can be purchased here for $9;

Thanks for reading!

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