Refinery29 Instagram Nail Art Competition Week Two

Hey everyone! 
It's week two of the Refinery29 Nail Art Competition! I wanna give a huge thank you to everyone who voted for me in the first round, it means the world! 
These are pictures of the design I did for the second challenge.
The link to vote is included after all the photos!
(click to enlarge)


The weather is right for floral sundresses, but we're looking for more than pretty petals. We're daring our contestants to go impressionistic, abstract, pointillistic, or basically do whatever it takes with their Revlon Nail Art polishes to create a floral fiesta that puts their grandmother's floral print to shame.

"I've always had trouble with flowers, so I made sure to do a lot of practice before doing this design. The middle two nails are flower petals, and the outer two designs echo the petals and the veins in leaves."

I love the raindrops on my nails! It adds a whole new dimension to the nail art!

Fun textures! And a break from the green leaves!

I'm the third one down, you vote by clicking on the heart to the left of the photo of my face.
Thank you in advance!
It would be super amazing to win, but of course I'm doing this just because it's super fun and I get to do some awesome nail art in the process!
Thank you for making this such a fun experience for me!

Link to vote;

Thank you for reading!

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