4th of July Watermarble + Tutorial

Hey everyone!
Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans! And Happy Thursday to everyone else ^-^
I have a fun water marble to share with you all today, along with a tutorial on how I did it!

This is the final design;

What I used;
OPI "Alpine Snow"
OPI "Red Lights Ahead...Where?"
Revlon "Urban"

(Left) I prepped my fingers with two coats of white. (Right) I built my target using OPI "Alpine Snow"and Revlon "Urban". The polished were a little weird, as you can see, the Revlon polish blended with the OPI but it created a cool gradient effect.

With my toothpick, I dragged the polish from the middle up, and then from the middle to the side, and continued 3 more times. But if your doing this for yourself, you can do more or less, it's all what you want! (Right) I took my toothpick and dragged the polish outward in. I did this 5 times in between the lines made before.

(Left) What the finished watermarble design looks like. Before the next step, I tapped up my nails. (Right) I found which part of the design I wanted on my nails and went and dipped them into the water.

I cleaned up the polish in the water before lifting my fingers out. This is what the first two fingers look like! Yay. Then I cleaned up the remaining polish in the water with a toothpick before starting the second half of the design.

This might sound a little familiar if you have read my Revlon watermarble and tutorial blog post.

(Left) I started building my target just like before using my OPI polishes "Alpine Snow" and "Red Light Ahead...Where?". (Right) I took my toothpick and dragged from the middle to the top and then from the middle down. If I didn't mention this before, you should wipe off the tooth pick each time to make the lines smother.

(Left) I took my toothpick and created lines by dragging the polish going left to right and right to left. (Right) I positioned my fingers over the design I wanted to go onto my nails.

(Left) I dipped in my fingers, cleaned up the polish with a toothpick, and carefully lifted my fingers out of the water. (Right) I removed the tape with my other hand, careful to not mess up the design.
Then I cleaned up the polish on my fingers with a q-tip that I dipped in acetone. Then I went in closer with a small brush to get the polish around my cuticles.

The final design again!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy this design!

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