"You're Making Me Blush" & "Gypsy Dreams" by Cupcake Polish

Hi everyone! I have two polishes from Cupcake Polish to share with you! I love these polishes, they're both packed full of shimmer and glitters!
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"You're Making Me Blush"
"You're Making Me Blush" it a pink shimmer polish full of pink and gold glitters. I used 3 coats on its own. It's a little thick, so I would recommend layering one or two thin coats over a light pink or white polish. "You're Making Me Blush" took a little long to dry, but that's because I used 3 coats to try to build opacity. If you use only one or two thin coats over a base, it will dry faster and not as bumpy. A top coat also helps to thin it out.

All of that aside, almost nothing about the application could make me not like this polish. It's such a gorgeous pink, and it looks like it was inspired by the flower I was holding in the pictures! 

I wore this polish as a full mani for a couple hours before taking it off to do a full mani of the next polish...

Side note; I felt like a princess.

Bottle shots;


"Gypsy Dreams"
"Gypsy Dreams" is a teal polish with a purple shimmer and is full of teal and gold glitters. I used two thin coats over Revlon "Trendy". Because I used this polish over a base color, it wasn't as thick/bumpy as "You're Making Me Blush" was. But just like before, if you tried to wear this on its own and build it up to opacity, it would be bumpy and take longer to dry. The bumpy-ness would be coming from the glitters building up on each other.

I absolutely love this color, the shimmer was so beautiful! I was staring at my nails in the ocean, tanning on the beach, and even when my family went out to dinner I couldn't keep my eyes off it! (Not really exaggeration, I just loved watching the shimmer!)

fancy bottle shot

Sitting by the pool, picked this flower up off the ground! Had to snap a pic.

In the end, I have to say that these two polishes are a must have for any polish addict, and to make sure you use thin coats over a base color! I swatched them in my sketchbook over colors I thought would make them look good.

This polish could be purchased here;

Thank you for reading!

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