Pretty Woman Sea Shell Nail Art

Hello everyone!
I'm all for some fun 3D nail art, especially if it's pink! Hehe...
I used some pink sea shells from Pretty Woman (check out some of their nail polish over here..) to create this look!

I used Pretty Woman nail polish "Blow Pop" as my base for these shells.
All I had to do to get the shells to stick was to add a clear coat, and then place my nail while it's still wet into the container with the shells. The shells simply stick to the nails. I applied a very generous top coat to keep the shells from falling off.
Over all, these nails took no longer than 10 minutes to do, including the base color and shells!

They look really cool and unique. They have a few other colors of shells that come in the same package as these, which you will see on my blog at a later time!

The shells are a tiny bit messy, so I suggest putting down some napkins or something before you open the container incase some spill out.

The shells remind me of rock candy..which I haven't had since I was little!

You can visit their website here;
Pretty Woman products are available at Rite Aid stores nationwide.

Pretty Woman social media;
Facebook: /PrettyWomanusa
Twitter: @PrettyWomanNYC
Instagram: @PrettyWomanNYC
Pinterest: @PrettyWomanNYC
Youtube: @PrettyWomanusa

I hope you have a great weekend, thanks for reading!
<3 Anna

**These nail products were sent to me to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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