Color Club "Under Your Spell"... at the beach!

Hey everyone!
I recieved this awesome polish from the Summer Soiree Event I went to in Manhattan about a week ago. The polish is called "Under Your Spell" and is one of seven new polishes from Color Club's Fall 2014 collection called "Seven Deadly Sins".
Unfortunatly, this is the only one from the collection I have so far!
Here are some photos I took of it..
(click on photos to enlarge)

This photo shows two coats with no top coat.

For this photo I used a top coat on my pointer and middle fingers and a matte top coat on my ring and pinkie fingers. The matte top coat doesn't really do much, other than smoothing out the texture.

Here's a video of the beautiful golden shimmer in action..

...and then one of my nails broke! The whole thing ripped off right after I took these.. Oh well, it could have been worse! Now I'm sporting shorties as I write this!

Here are some photos I took at the was super windy, but getting out and enjoying the sun after a long week at work was just what I needed to clear my head!
I'm thinking of sharing more photos like these along with my nail photos, since photography is kinda my thing(; Let me kow what you think!
I took these all at Coney Island.

...beautiful blue skies...

ahhh...the sun feels so good...

I hope you're having a great day!
<3 Anna


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  2. Just found your blog while looking for swatches of Under your spell. Love your swatches, following :) *edited cause i can't spell :)*