Color Club "Poptastic" Summer 2014 Collection Swatches & Review

Hey everyone!
I have swatches and a review of Color Club's "Poptastic" Summer 2014 collection to share with you all today! This collection has six bright shades; so perfect for summer! They also all have a really beautiful shimmer. Here, take a look!

Unlike most neon polishes, these don't need a white base. They also don't stain your nails like other neon polishes do (that I've experienced..). All six shades are super vibrant and super opaque.

Left to right;
"Peace, Love & Polish", "Kapow!", "Foxy Mama", "Not-So-Mellow Yellow", "Bell Bottom Babe", "Right On".

To avoid sounding like a broken record...all of these polishes are shown in 2 coats, except the last one, "Right On" is shown with one. I used a matte top coat and I photographed them inside, right next to my window in overcast weather. The shimmer is mostly noticable in the sun which I haven't been able to see in wayyyy too long! Makes it super hard for me to photograph my nails with perfect lighting... Grrr..time for me to invest in some lightbulbs to make my own little light box. You can still see the shimmer in these photos, though, it's just not as strong! (Watch the video above to see the polish shimmer in action!) Colors in these photos are still very acurate to what the polish looks like in real life.
(click on photos to enlarge)

"Peace, Love & Polish"
Light pink polish with a golden shimmer.

Hot pink with a blue shimmer.

"Foxy Mama"
A bright orange with a golden-yellow shimmer.

"Not-So-Mellow Yellow"
An electric yellow with a shimmer. This polish doesn't have a different color shimmer, but it still sparkles!

"Bell Bottom Babe"
Blue with a pink shimmer.

"Right On"
Deep purple with a blue shimmer.

You can buy this collection here;
Poptastic Collection
They are sold for $8.50 each.

I hope you have a great weekend, thanks for reading!
<3 Anna

**These nail polishes were sent to me to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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