Hudson Terrace Summer Soiree Event in NYC

Hey everyone!
I went to this really fun event last week in Manhattan at the Hudson Terrace. It was a Summer Soiree event hosted by a handful of really awesome people!
Once I got the invite, I had to rush and buy a dress because as of then, I didn't really own any (embarrassing, I know *_*). I went shopping with my roommate and got this super cute, creamy orange dress at a small store in Williamsburg (in Brooklyn, NY).
Here are some photos I attempted to take of my nails and outfit...

I'll have a separate blog post with photos of these nails soon...(;

The inside of the Hudson Terrace is beautiful! These big chandeliers hanging around big screens on the ceiling were amazing!

I was able to meet the super amazing and talented Casey (IG @DullLikeGlitter). We've been following each other on Instagram for forever, basically. It's so fun meeting people in person that I know from the internets.

 eff.Y.bee jewelry was also there! They were selling beautiful necklaces and bracelets! I couldn't keep my eyes off this Amethyst necklace.. I wanted it soooo bad but my wallet wouldn't let me get it *tear* )):

CityMani (one of the hosts of the event) doing free manicures!
Super fun(:

Pretty Please nail polish and their cute booth!

Cute little gift bags Casey (@DullLikeGlitter) & Manidiaries were handing out!
They also gave away a bottle of Christian Louboutin Rouge Nail Polish. This bottle is so beautiful. It's inspired by the heel of Louboutin shoes. It costs $50 for each bottle, so if you were hoping to see me swatch and review it, you're out of luck! (Or, well... I'm out of luck.... haha..)
If you want to see some swatches of it, I suggest checking out these awesome blogs...
(Be sure to read her review, too!)
(Her photos are absolutely amazing! I drool over them on a daily basis...)

Well, that's it for the event round-up! I had a super fun time!

I hope you're having a great weekend, thanks for reading!
<3 Anna

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