A Week in North Carolina

Hey everyone!
I just recently got back from a week vacationing in North Carolina on the Outer Banks! I wanted to share what I wore on my nails the whole time I was there, and some other photos from the week.

NCLA- "High Above the City Lights"
OPI- "DS Reflections"

My sister did my hair purple too! It looked a little pink while I was in the car on the ride down there. It came out after like two days, but it was fun while it lasted.

On the road, I think I took this around 7 or 8 am. The fog was so beautiful.

The first day..[left] the house we stayed in, [right] the first Carolina sunset of the week!

The second day we were there we took a trip to the beach..it was a beautiful day to go for a long walk.

My crazy and awesome family(:

Photos of me and my family before my cousin's wedding! You can tell the purple is no longer in my hair at this point, haha.

 I cried maybe a little *a lot* 

The dinner set up for after the wedding..the tables and decorations were literally right out of a magazine! It was so beautiful.

Bride and groom send off!

Early morning sunrise on the ride back home.

It was one amazing week! If you actually made it through the whole thing and didn't just stop after my nails, thank you! Even if you did stop at just my nails, thanks for stopping by to look at them!(:
I love the photos I took while I was there, I still have a couple hundred to go through!
I hope you all enjoyed the little photo gallery..
And happy Friday! Yay weekend!
My classes starts up again on Monday..woah where did the summer even go? I literally blinked and it was over! Not fair!
I hope you all had an amazing summer..now go out and enjoy your weekend!(:

Thanks for reading!
<3 Anna

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