"Lovely Lavender" by Leopard Lacquer

Hello all! It's very early in the morning, but I really need to do some catching up with some reviews! So tonight (well, technically this morning) I have for you guys a polish from Leopard Lacquer called "Lovely Lavender". It's a very sheer purple jelly polish with "pixie dust" glitters. It's good to layer over white or purple to give it a subtle shine. Better show you some pics to better explain;

This is one coat of "Lovely Lavender" over black. It's very pretty! You can't even tell it's purple, but you can see the "pixie dust" glitters which makes it a very simple and cute mani! I actually really enjoyed having this over black. It's dark, but in the sun you can see the sparkles, which is nice.

Here I did a gradient from white to purple with one coat of "Lovely Lavender" on top, which makes it a gradient from light purple to dark purple instead. There are two coats over white on my thumb.

Close-up of the gradient mani. The "pixie dust" glitters aren't as noticeable here as they are over black, but this polish still adds a nice touch to this gradient.
Bottle shot in the sun! Out of focus so you can see the rainbow! So pretty.
I really loved this polish before I even put it on (maybe because purple is my favorite color). Applying it was a different story. This polish is really thick and took forever to dry. If you could only buy one polish from Leopard Lacquer, I'd say you can skip out on this one and snatch up "Cotton Candy". But if you're a purple lover like me and can spare a couple bucks, it certainly can't hurt to buy.

I hope this review was found helpful!

Where to find:
Instagram: @LeopardLacquer
Website: www.etsy.com/shop/leopardlacquer

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