"Cotton Candy" by Leopard Lacquer

Hi everyone! Today I have a really cute polish from a brand that's just starting to make their way into the indie polish world, Leopard Lacquer! This polish is called "Cotton Candy". It doesn't really remind me of cotton candy, but it's really funky polish! It's full of blue and red flakes and a ton of "pixie dust" glitters. This polish is so unique from everything else I own! If you had to buy only one polish from her I would say get this one. It will be a great addition to your ever expanding collection of nail polish! I promise you won't have anything like it. Now onto the pics!

I used two coats of "Cotton Candy" over Pure Ice "Envy". Dried super fast and smooth. Like 99% smooth. I had one glitter stick up annoyingly on my pinkie finger. But the rest smoothed out nicely with a top coat (I used OPI Top Coat).

Funky pic!! Love this shot, you can really see the "pixie dust" glitters here! They really add depth to the polish.

Where to find:
Instagram: @LeopardLacquer
Website: www.etsy.com/shop/leopardlacquer

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