"Teal-icious" and "Diva" by Candied Lustre

Hey, hey, hey! Today I have for you guys two polishes from an indie brand called "Candied Lustre". These two polishes are both really simple and cute and easily worn. Now lets get on to each individual polish..

First up, "Teal-icious"
SMOOTH smooth smooth polish. This is two coats over a teal Sally Hansen. Dried really fast. I LOVE this color!! It's a blue shimmer base with little blue glitters and small bar glitters. The bar glitters are well tamed! Which is surely a plus I love this shade of blue!

Bottle shot.

Loving this funky shot! (Some of the reflections in this photo look like polish bumps, they are just reflections!

Macro shot of the bottle! You can really see the shimmer in the bar glitters here!

Over all I really liked this polish and I would recommend it to everyone who has to get their hands on some of her polish!

Next up, I have a super un-predictable nail polish that I went speech less over! This pinkish/redish polish is called "Diva". On to the pics first, then I'll explain more.

BEAUTIFUL holo in this polish! I had no idea is was holographic (because it's  winter where I am, even in the daylight there is not much light) and I thought it was instead "pixie dust" silver glitter! Boy was I suppressed when I walked into class under those florescent lights and looked at my nails. I thought it was so fun! Shown is 3 coats on its own. It didn't take long at all to dry, but when it did, I got a few bubbles spread around my fingers. They're not so noticeable in the pic though.    

Label shot.

Playing around with being able to see the holo!

You can even see it in the bottle. There are are also red glitters, which you can see here as well.

Macro shot of my finger! Yay close up! I absolutely love this pic of the polish!
Where to find:
Instagram: @candiedlustre_nails
Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CandiedLustre

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