Liquid Sky Lacquer Swatch Marathon

Hi everyone! It's 2:47am the night before I leave for college. I'm so tired and just ready to get back to work! I wanted to get these four reviews and pictures to you before I left, so here I am writing them! I hope they help you to give you some info on them so you can decide if you must have them for yourself. (Also, if you find an error in this, as you might because I'm very tired, just do hesitate to tell me as you will only be helping me). Well enough about that, on to the polish!

First up is "Cupcake".
Cupcake has a shimmer blue base packed with different color glitters like green, pink, red, and purple. Application was very easy, I only used two coats over OPI "My Boyfriend Scales Walls" and I did not have to dig for any glitters.

Bottle shot.

Funky shot! I love this picture so much, you can really see what this polish is all about!
Here are more photos of "Cupcake". This polish was so fun to photograph and I got really beautiful photos!


Next up is "Impossible Sea". A beautiful green duo-chrome.
"Impossible Sea" is a BEAUTIFUL duo-chrome! This polish can be opaque on its own in one coat. Shown here is two coats just to make sure I got even coverage. The consistency is a little thick, but it didn't really bother me as it dries really smooth and you can't see any streaks. Possible one of my favorite polishes by Caroline.

Bottle shot.

Funky shot. This polish is super shiny with a top coat! (I used OPI Top Coat.)
Third polish I have for you is called "Midway Games".
"Midway Games" is a glitter top coat with a ton of glitters such as large blue hexes, small pink squares, and more. Application was really thick and some what difficult to apply. Also the polish took a little long to dry but when it did it was smooth. Shown here is two coats over OPI "My Boyfriend Scales Walls" and a layer of China Glaze "Snow Cap" (which is the shimmer sparkles that give my manicure that "depth" look. This polish is really cute and I did enjoy wearing it.
Bottle shot.

You can really see the glitters in this pic. Also, you can see more of the "depth" I mentioned earlier. 

The last polish I review for you before I rush off to get ready to leave (ohhh boy..) is called "Give Me Some Sugar".
Woot! The last review I have for you guys tonight (or well, I guess it's considered morning now!..) is this polish called "Give Me Some Sugar". This polish is just SO MUCH GLITTER AHHH hahaha. I cant even tell you what's in this. The colors of the glitters are mostly light pink and red which gives it an over all pink color. I used to coats of this on its own without any undies! It dries very, very smooth.

Bottle shot.

I made this photo a little bigger so you can really see the individual glitters! You can really see them in this photo. Also, check out some holo glitters!!
Well that's it for tonight, I'm leaving now in two hours to go back to college to start my second semester as a sophomore! Wish me luck, and check back, I might start selling my jewelry. I'll be posting here when I do! If there is anything else you wanna know about these polishes that you think I should have included, just tell me! I'd love to hear your feedback on how I can better my reviews for you.

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