Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish


So, I don't like writing much, but I'm gonna start putting more info in my posts so hopefully this blog can be more helpful to you!

The polish I'm wearing for my New Years Eve celebration is this polish by Azature. It's a black polish glitter topper with silver glitters and crushed black diamonds inside the polish. The regular, affordable version of this polish goes for $25. The controversial, expensive version goes for $250,000.

Before I got this polish, the only thing I was hearing about it was how it was controversial because of the diamonds in it, and nothing really about the actual polish. It never really dawned upon me to think about it, so I never had any assumptions before using it about how the formula was and the quality and things like that. 

To be honest, the formula is so perfect I didn't even think about it while I was even painting my nails. It wasn't too thin or too thick. Before I got it, I assumed it was opaque because of it looks like that in the bottle. When I opened it I realized it was thinner and I was worried about how how thin it looked, I didn't want it to run or be impossible to get the glitters. None of that was an issue. I will say though that when I paint my nails, with glitter polish, no matter what brand, I always shake the bottle between doing each hand. It just turned into a habit. It just allows for max glitter usage in each stroke/coat on the nail.

After I did my first coat, the polish was pretty much already dried. It dried a lot faster than I thought it would. Which was nice because I did a second coat right after and I didn't have to worry about accidently denting or smudging the polish. 

The finish of this polish is beautiful. It really makes you feel like a star. Even just a little bit. As I write this I'm in my pajamas but I still feel a little fierce wearing diamonds on my nails! 
I'm wearing 2 coats of this polish over two coats of Sally Hansen "Black Platinum" with a top coat. I added heart gems to each hand because I thought I needed a little more "bling" for my New Years Eve celebration.

I got a lot of compliments for my nails, and a lot of my friends were just interested in hearing about the polish itself. I got a "wait, are the diamonds actually real?" response all night. It makes for a good story.

The polish bottle I got was from winning it in their giveaway. It is signed by the lack diamond king himself! (Deff brag worthy). And is also a one-of-a-kind containing 4 crushed black diamonds.

Check out their website;
and their facebook page;
for more info!

So I hope this was a little informative! Tell me what you think and if there is more I should have included that I left out! (:


  1. I don't know why people would pay $250,000 for a polish. It is rather beautiful though.

    1. It's luxury at its finest I guess, but I agree. Glad there's a cheaper version for normal people!