"Kissed at Midnight" by NOPI

Two glitter mani posts in a row! I'm on a roll. This mani I wore out tonight for dinner because it was my dad's birthday, so I wanted to wear something with a lot of bling!

And this mani has a lot of bling!! This is OPI "DS Classic" with glitter NOPI "Kissed at Midnight" on top. The DS is from the Designer Series and the NOPI is from the Selena Gomez collection. I used 2 coats of "DS Classic"and only one coat of "Kissed at Midnight"! How crazy is that, there is so much glitter in this bottle, but it isn't thick at all. It was really easy to apply and dried pretty quickly. "Kissed at Midnight" contains a bunch of gold glitters, mainly medium and small sized but there is a lot in there! I bet this glitter polish can be opaque in two coats. My cuticles are really dry even with cuticle oil..winter weather dries my skin like no other..hopefully they will get better soon! Here are more pics.

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