Ciate & Revlon Glitter Combo!

I've been wearing a lot of glitter lately, so I'll share with you what I wore! This mani I wore yesterday, I had a lot of errands to run and I couldn't do them without wearing some sort of polish!

The bottle shots of Ciate "Strawberry Watermelon" and Revlon "Stunning". I got the Ciate polish from my aunt for my birthday and it came with some rainbow caviar beads (which I have yet to try..) and the Revlon I got for Christmas! I was able to cross off two untried polishes in one, and the manicure really stood out when I wore it! Before I wore them, I thought the Ciate polish was gonna be really sheer like a jelly polish, and I was really surprised when it wasn't (in a good way haha). I'm really happy with them both.

Ciate is a pastel pink. It's almost opaque in one coat, I used two thin coats in my mani. I was afraid this color would make my skin look washed out, but when I wore it out it really stood out especially with the glitter on top! The Revlon is so pretty, with three different glitters, two holographic and one shimmer. Both the holographic glitters are silver and circular, one is medium sized and the other is small sized. The shimmer glitter is also small and circular. The medium glitters are kinda hard to get out of the bottle, I had to shake the bottle really well before I used it and then between application on each hand. You can see the shimmer glitters if you look really closely, they almost have a pint tint to them.

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