"Sweet Revenge" Collection by NCLA

Hey everyone! I have swatches and reviews today for NCLA's "Sweet Revenge" collection.
The three polishes are called (in order pictured below) "Sugar Fix", "Sunny With a Chance of Sprinkles" and "Not So Sweet". I'll include more in-depth reviews for each polish as I go.

First up is "Sugar Fix"
This polish has a grey jelly base with small blue and dark-pink hex glitters with tiny blue and pink "pixie dust" glitters. That's what I like to call super small glitters. I used three thick coats to get it opaque. The first coat went on very lightly and transparent, but I just wasn't using enough polish on my brush. I didn't have to do any glitter placement to get as many glitters as I did on my nails.

Also, this polish dried very smooth, even without a top coat. Every picture here is with a top coat.

What I love about this polish is that it's so unique! I don't have anything like this in my collection, and I rarely if not ever see a grey polish with colorful glitter in it. Definitely my favorite of this collection.

In shade;

Next up is "Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles"
This is a light-blue creme-like polish with small black hex glitters. Formula was perfect, and you can get away with wearing only one coat of this. I opted for three, because that's usually how many coats I"m used to putting on my nails, although I wish I stuck with just one or two! It's doesn't really need a third coat, not that it takes away from the manicure.

The glitters made the finish a tad bumpy, not with air bubbles but just with the glitter. If you look closely at the polish in some of my pictures you can see some of the glitters look raised. It only looks raised, and with a top coat you can smooth it out.

This polish left me with a craving for blue ice cream! Perfect weather for one too! I might have to do this now..

In shade; 

Last but not least is "Not So Sweet"
This polish is a creamy- light pink pastel. I used 4 coats on its own to get opaque but I'm sure it could be less if you use white underneath as a base. This polish was a little thin for me at first, but as I kept painting my nails, it thickened up a bit so now it's good consistency. The formula ended up being so perfect, you can tell by the pictures how smooth and soft it is! 

I love this color, I think it's the perfect pink! It's not so bright and in your face, but it's not dull. It's just right! Also perfect for any girl of any age, or any occasion! Even my mom fell in love with this shade and she started to put it on before I even opened it! Which says a lot because my mom doesn't obsesses over nail polish like I do.

This color kinda reminds me of cotton candy. Wouldn't you agree?

This also reminds me of ice cream. Or strawberry yogurt..hm..I think I might just be really hungry..

Even if you do want to dress up this polish with glitter, it's totally an option. I had to go and grab my NCLA Limited Edition "". It goes perfectly with this pastel pink!
Any kind of silver or pink glitter would go great with this color. (of course I know, because that's what I did to my mom's nails! Should I post a pic?!)

NCLA polishes can be purchased here;

Thanks for reading!

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