"United States of Glitter" by NCLA

Hey everyone! I'm starting to celebrate the 4th of July a week early so I can get in a bunch of designs and polish reviews in times for the 4th!

I used NCLA "United States of Glitter" over red, silver, and blue polishes for this manicure. Here I used two coats on each nail. I didn't wanna use a color two times, so I did a gradient of red, white and blue on my accent nail! I really love this gradient, so I'm planning on doing full gradient nails soon!

I love this glitter polish. It's really simple, but that's what I love about it. I can layer it over any festive color or design without it being so overpowering. The bottle is jam packed with small red, silver, and blue hex glitters in a clear base. The application was smooth. The polish was a tad on the thick side, but it wasn't in need of any polish thinner. I just made sure to wait a tad longer to do a second layer so I wouldn't get any air bubbles or dragging of the polish. 

Although I love this polish, the one thing about it I'm not in love with is the small curling of the silver glitters. They curl only a little, which if you look close enough you can tell. Which on the other hand, isn't so bad because the only way someone will ever notice the curling is if you shove your nails in someone's face and say "look at the curling!". Overall, this isn't a deciding factor for me to not get this polish.

 NCLA's "United States of Glitter" is still super cute and simple, and I already have a million and one designs I want to do that I can incorporate this glitter into with out it overpowering my nails. The glitter is the perfect size for nails of any shape and size. I can tell you now that you will see this glitter again before the 4th of July!

Aside from the actual polish, I'm completely obsessed with the name alone! "United States of Glitter" is such a cute and unique name!

 (click on pics to enlarge)

Oh and did I mention this is a limited edition polish? Well if not I am now! It's limited edition!
You can purchase a bottle for yourself here;


Thank you for reading! Have a great week and festive 4th of July!

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