Happy First Day of Summer!

Happy Summer everyone! I'm gonna try something different with today's post. That being, I'm gonna include photos that aren't nails! You all know my obsession with photography, and I want to share it more with everyone.
Lets get to it! This is my summer vacation so far!

The other day; the first rainbow I saw in so many years! It was so beautiful.

I'm a sucker for blue skies!

The second rainbow in one week! So crazy.

Some more pics of the second rainbow! (click to enlarge!)

The light was so pretty and golden.

 I spent a day laying outside and doing my nails (Liquid Sky Lacquer to be specific!)

 (click to enlarge!)

I took many pictures of the clouds outside that day! I couldn't help it. Every picture of a cloud is a good picture.

Isn't nature just beautiful?

My sister and me enjoying the beautiful sun and eating some hotdogs (left). Hanging out with my boyfriend while he plays The Last of Us (which he finished in 4 days haha) (right). Two people I spend most of my summer with.

These are some pictures of my sketchbook/scrapbook/journal that I'm using for the summer! The left is the cover and the right is a page I just really like, hehe.

Pretty doodles! This is how I like to doodle. With sharpies.

The sunrise the other morning! I was up all night playing The Legend of Zelda. Not that anyone needs to know that..

Pretty flowers in the front of my house!

Felt a little purple today.

And I end with this! I took this about an hour ago, happy first day of spring everyone!

Please tell me what you think of this! Would you guys like to see more of my photography? I would really like to combine my photography and nails on this blog. Tell me what you think!

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