Teal Watermarble + Tutorial!

Hey everyone! I did some fun watermarble today that reminds me of the ocean! I miss being on the beach. I guess that is why I was so anxious to do a design with these colors! I hope you are all prepared for my first tutorial!
(click on pictures to enlarge!)

Here's the final result;

What I used:
White base
(light to dark)
Revlon "Electic"
Revlon "Trendy"
Revlon "Urban"
Revlon "Iconic"
OPI Top Coat

 To start the marble, I took a pudding cup and washed it out. Any cup works, I recommend plastic, so you can re-use it as much as you wish then you can easily throw it away. I filled it up with room temperature bottled water. Filtered water works best, I just don't have a filter, so bottled water is the next best thing! (as opposed to regular tap water). Then I grabbed my Revlon polishes and started building my target one drop at a time.

(Left) I continued to build my target until I liked how it looked. You can do more rings or less, it all depends on what you want. (Right) I took a tooth pick and lightly dragged through the target, starting from the middle I dragged up and then down.

 (Left) I then took my tooth pick and lightly dragged the polish from left to right. (Right) I repeated that dragging two more times above and below.

 (Left) In between the lines I just created, I took my tooth pick and lightly dragged the polish from right to left twice. (Right) I quickly dipped my finger into the polish, careful to lay the nail flat over the surface to make sure you dip the nail in so that all parts of your nail touch the surface at the same time.

(Left) Using my tooth pick, I cleaned off the polish that was still on the surface of the water around my nail, being careful not to accidently bump my nail into the side of the cup or accidently poke my nail with the tooth pick. It sometimes helps to blow on the polish to make it dry it faster before taking the tooth pick to it. (Right) After making sure all the polish is off of the surface, I slowly lifted my finger out of the water.

I carefully removed the tape from around my nails. Using tape makes cleanup so much easier and faster. If I did not use tape, the polish design would be covering all my finger up to in between my two knuckles (you seen in the picture, the polish spot between my knuckles on my ring finger? That is right above the tape, the polish would be covering everything above that).

Final picture again, I cleaned up the polish on my skin with a q-tip dipped in acetone. Then I went in with a small brush to get in close to my cuticles to clean off the polish to get a clean line. Topped off with a top coat. (Tip; to make sure the polish doesn't run, try to get a good amount of top coat on the brush and very lightly polish your nails. It's a little tricky. You can also try waiting longer before using a top coat.)

Last but not least, THERE ARE NO RULES! You can do whatever you want in the world of watermarbling. This is just a step-by-step to how I do it. You do not have to think this is the only way to do something as there is never just a single way to do something in the world of nails! I strongly encourage you to experiment. With different colors, designs, polish brands, everything. You can really do anything your heart desires when it comes to watermarbling.

Here is a stop motion video of me building my target for my watermarble;

I hope you all enjoy this! Be sure to follow my blog for more tutorials and my youtube for more videos! Tell me what you think, would you like to see more/different ways to watermarble your nails? Say so in the comments, I'm always open to suggestions.
Have a great day!(:

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