"Teenage Crime" by Dead Set Babes

Hey everyone! I did this fun purple gradient a few days ago.
I tried to match up the three colors I would use in the gradient to the three colors in the glitter polish.

I used;
OPI "Alpine Snow"
Sinful Colors "Candy Coated"
OPI "Suzi & the 7 Dusseldorfs"
Dead Set Babes "Teenage Crime"
OPI Top Coat

I started off with a base color of white and then I let it dry for a while. If you try to do the gradient too soon before letting the base color dry, that base can be lifted off your nail onto the sponge. It also helps if you press the sponge lightly on your nail and doing a few layers to build up the gradient.
I wanted to make the gradient different on each nail, instead of doing a simple top to bottom gradient. I used the same make-up sponge for all of them, I just rotated the sponge as I did each nail.

I ended up wearing this for a couple days, purple is my favorite color!
And of course I have to send a huge thanks to Tammy (@ohmygoshpolish on Instagram) for being an angel and sending me Dead Set Babes along with some other amazing polishes!

Thanks for reading!

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