Lavish Polish Summer Glitters

Hey everyone! I have some awesome summer glitters from Lavish Polish to share with you!

Up first is "Orangesicle" which is a orange jelly polish with white hex glitters of several sizes.
In my pics I used three thin coats over white. The polish had a couple air bubbles in it as it dried over night, but when I went to take pictures in the morning I just covered them up with some of the white glitters.
I really love this polish, it brought back so many memories of summer when I was really young. I used to always eat those orange ice pops! The polish was a little thin, but it wasn't much of a problem because I was able to layer it over white and slowly build it up to the opacity that I liked. I had to do a little bottle shaking and a little glitter placing, which again is not a big problem for me because you normally have to shake up indie glitters.
(TIP; before painting your nails with indie glitters, flip the bottle upside down and lean it up against something while you paint your base coat and wait for it to dry. By then the glitter in the bottle should have settled enough so you don't have to shake your arm off!)
(Click on pictures to enlarge!)

The next polish is called "Purple Nurple". This polish has a light purple/pink base with purple and white hex glitters which also glows in the dark! I used three thin coats over white. This polish looks more pink than purple, but it's by far my favorite of the glitters! The color goes so perfectly with the flowers by my house!
(Click to enlarge!)

Glow in the dark pics;
The first photo was taken on my camera and the second was taken with my phone. I couldn't get an in focus shot with my camera, but the glow was captured brighter. 
I sat outside in the sun for about 5 minutes before I took these pictures. The glow didn't last very long after, but I'm sure if I stayed outside longer the glow would have stayed longer.
Also, this polish glows more purple than is being shown. All my pictures came out blue, and I didn't want to mess with them in photoshop much. So you can see a hint of purple in the first one, that's basically more what it looks like in real life.

The third polish I have to share with you is a green polish called "Sweet Pea". This polish has a light green base with shimmer hex glitters. I used two thin coats over white.
Very smooth application and fast dry time!
Very pretty summer shade.

 Pics in the shade;
(click to enlarge)

Lavish Polish can be purchased here;

Thank you for reading!

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