Swatches of Sassy Cats Lacquer

Hey everyone!
Thanks for sticking with me the past few weeks, I'm drowning in school work!
But I have a lot of fun stuff coming up that I've been working on a little at a time.
Today I have some swatches of nail polishes by Sassy Cats Lacquer, three from an upcoming collection inspired by fellow nail polish girls on Instagram, and one from a different collection. All four of the polishes are glitter toppers.

"the nail polish challenge"
This polish is full of black, pink, and green glitters. Shown here is one coat with a ton of glitter placement over China Glaze "Argo". I feel like with this polish in particular, I had to do a ton of glitter placement because there just wasn't a lot of glitter in the bottle to begin with. As in, after I shook up the bottle like I do with any polish glitter or not, I applied one coat and it was mostly the suspension base with maybe one or two glitters that made it onto my nail. So instead of doing a million of coats and making the polish super thick, I took a toothpick and placed the glitters one at a time on my nails. Which for swatching I didn't care about making a pattern like I do with my glitter placement designs, I was just trying to get it on my nail in a random way, so it didn't take forever. 
Aside from the formula, the combination of colors is really nice and I love how it looks over this deep, mossy green.
(click photos to enlarge)

All four photos of this polish were taken in direct sunlight.

"aly mae"
Shown here is two thin coats over Zoya "Ciara". This polish was easier to apply because the bottle was packed-full of glitters so I didn't do any glitter placement.
As you can see from the photos, this polish has a ton of glitters, every color in the rainbow, in a couple shapes and sizes.
I really enjoyed this polish. I dunno why, I just feel the need to say that. It's nice.
I also like that you can wear this over any color and it will look good.
(click photos to enlarge)

This and the middle left photo are taken in the shade during the day.

This and the middle right photo were taken in direct sunlight.
This polish is full of blue and black glitters of different shapes and sizes as well as some silver butterfly glitters and some green circle glitters. The base of this polish has a duo-chrome shimmer to it, which is more noticeable in the second group of photos where it is shown over black.
Pictured here is two coats over OPI DS "Magic", which is a beautiful blue-purple duo-chrome.
This polish has the best formula out of the three from the collection that I swatched. It was a little tricky to get some of the big glitters out like the butterflies and the green circles, but other than that, I didn't have to do any glitter placement, unlike "the nail polish challenge".
(click photos to enlarge)

This and the large photo underneath were taken when the sun was a little shy.

These two photos were taken in direct sunlight.

Ok, I'm sorry in advance for all the pictures I took of this polish...but I...just had too!! The pointer and pinkie are just like before, and now my middle and ring fingers are two coats over black.
You can see the duo-chrome of this polish so well in this photo. I couldn't even tell by just looking at the bottle, but there is a color shift from green, to blue, to purple! You can see all three colors on both of my middle and ring fingers so clearly. This photo was taken right inside my window in the shade, and the light from outside is coming in from the left (you can kinda see in the image).

Here you can see most of the blue color as well as a hint of green. This photo was taken in direct sunlight.

The only reason I included this photo is because of all the purple you can see going on! The base color for this is also a duo-chrome, so my pointer is showing off double the purple. This photo was taken in the sun at a somewhat awkward angle (it's not directly in the sun, but it's not directly in the shade either. Kinda in between).

This photo shows more green and blue! This photo was taken in the shade right inside my window.  It looks like I used the flash to get the green but I didn't!

This polish is the one polish that is not part of the IG girl collection, but I'm still including it in this post to show it off to all of you. This polish is full of black and white glitters but also has silver glitters in addition. I kinda have a thing for wearing black and white glitters, so I went for Zoya "Paz" as my base color, since it's a super bright and fun orange. For these photos I used two coats, and I only used glitter placement for the really large black and white circles. For some reason I had a lot of trouble trying to pick out the black glitters, which is weird because I was fine with picking out the white ones, and I was able to get a lot. That's why I only have one large black glitter on my nails. You can see plenty of them in the bottle, though. This polish ended up getting a ton of bubbles as it dried, even in the short time I was wearing it to take the photos. I wanna say it is partially due to the somewhat thick base, and partially because of my glitter placing.

Direct sunlight.


These polishes will be available to purchase on October 11th.
Instagram; sassynaildesigns_sclacquer

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great weekend!

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