Pumpkin Nail Art

Hey everyone! I did some very simple nail art today in the spirit of fall and Halloween!
I painted each nail like a pumpkin and then added a jack-o-lantern face on my ring finger. I used Zoya Pixie Dust "Dhara" as the orange base, then added some simple stripes, and a small leaf on each nail, and that was it! Super fun and quick.
"Dhara" is a really pretty orange, perfect for the fall season! It's a matte, textured polish. It also has a beautiful yellow/golden shimmer to it. The shimmer can be seen with and without a topcoat over the polish. In my design I used a thin top coat, so when it dried it gave the orange polish a shine as well as preserved some of the textured feel to it.
Here are a ton of pics!
(click to enlarge)

This photo was taken indoors, next to the window. You can see the yellow shimmer even without direct sunlight.

I took this photo with my phone at night with the flash. I took this right when I was done with the design.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this simple design!
<3 Anna

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