"Color Therapy" by PolishedbyKPT

Hey everyone!
I used one coat of "Color Therapy" by PolishedbyKPT over Island Girl "Aloha Magic". I used this blue because it really made all the glitter really pop! It is a neon, too. You can easily see the difference between the orange and pink glitters over blue, they don't look like the same color.
On the ring finger I did a random glitter placement design using the glitters in the bottle.
This polish had medium green hex glitters, small square green glitters, medium pink hex glitters, and orange glitters in two different hex sizes. It also has some small shimmer glitters which are those little dots on my nails that look like snow.

Here are the pics;
(click to enlarge)

Bottle pics are in the sun.

Back of the bottle.

After I took these pictures, I wanted to do some more glitter placement but on all my fingers. I had no set idea for what I was going to do. I just did whatever came to my mind.

Here are some photos I did of the glitter placement design;

This polish can be purchased here for $9;

Thanks for reading!

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