"Dragon Fire" by Liquid Sky Lacquer

I'm so long overdue for a blog post, I've been in deep with studio work! It's crazy. Here's another polish review and pics for "Dragon Fire" by Liquid Sky Lacquer. I used three coats on its own.

Hm, I'm on the fence about this polish, the color is absolutely beautiful! I can see the glow of the yellow against the red/orange base. Very beautiful colors. The glitters, on the other hand...they're a whole different story..

As you can see in this pic..they all curl. The bar glitters either curl up at the ends, or they actually lay on their side (which I didn't know was possible but alas..). The square glitters also bend up a little, as seen in this pic. Some bar glitters even stuck up at one end, even with a top coat. It was kinda annoying and to be honest, I went through my whole day wanting to take the polish off because of how annoying the glitters were..

So overall, I would totally skip this polish. If you're one of those people who needs to have every single Indie polish out there, well then of course add it to your ever expanding collection, but if not, I would skip it. The curling glitters are too much for me, which is sad because like I said, the over all color scheme is great. 
Where to buy:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LiquidSkyLacquer?fref=ts
Website: http://www.liquidskylacquer.bigcartel.com/

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