"Chocolate Valentine" by Leopard Lacquer

Hi everyone! I'm finally back with some swatches for you all! Today I'm wearing "Chocolate Valentine" by Leopard Lacquer. It's a really cute glitter polish, with small brown glitters and hearts! Very chocolate-y and very valentine-y! Mmmmmm I'm craving chocolate now..haha. Here are some pics!

I used one layer of "Chocolate Valentine" over "I Break For Manicures" by OPI. The hears weren't that bad to get out, I'd say I had to "fish" for only a couple. Application was good, not as thick as I thought it was gonna be.

My nails look so yummy I wanna eat em!! I can't stop thinking of chocolate!

The thing that bothered me though about this polish is the label, it was really coming off, which is sad because I love all the different Indie labels! I had to run the polish under warm water to open it (which I have to do to 90% of my polishes in the winter...burrrrr) and the water did major damage to it, and all the ink came off on my hands. It's not major and it doesn't affect the polish, but it's just one of those little things in life that make a big difference.
Yay! I'm craving chocolate so hard right now..someone needs to send me chocolate!! (Haha just kidding..or am I? LOL)

Where to find:
Instagram: @leopardlacquer
Website: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LeopardLacquer 

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