Pretty Woman "Halloween Virtual Party" Nail Designs

Hey everyone!
I'm writing this post as a wrap-up for the "Virtual Halloween Party" hosted by Pretty Woman that happened last week.

I'm trying to type this on my phone right now. I just got a new one and I want to see how helpful this blogger app is. So far it's nice to not need my laptop to blog! Hopefully this leads to me posting more. I would love to be able to get into a work flow so I could start posting more regularly, like every other day or every day or something like that. 

But anyway, here are the designs I posted during my time slot 'takeover' on Pretty Woman's Instagram during the virtual party.

I just wanted to point out here that all products used in these designs are from Pretty Woman unless otherwise noted.
This will save the annoyance of repeating it under every photo.
Most of the other products include acrylic paints. Product info is listen under each photo.
(Click on photos to enlarge)

"Pumpkin Face"
I wanted to do a cute and simple design for my first look. By using my own dotting tool (a toothpick), I was able to make little dots with white paint and a small jack-o-lantern face with black paint. Took about 10 minutes to do this whole design on both hands.
Products used:
Gelogic "Coraliscious"
Black and White Acrylic Paint (from local craft store)

"Mini Pumpkin Patch"
I haven't done an intricate design in a while, so I dug around and found my really small tiny nail art brush and painted little pumpkins in a patch at night time. Got that golden moon and ominous clouds n stuff.

Products used:
Gelogic "Black Licorice"
Gelogic "Coraliscious"
"Sun of a Beach"
Green, brown, and grey acrylic paint (from local craft store)

"Costume Inspired"
For this look, I was inspired by a costume I wore when I was really young. I wanted to try something that didn't include orange, black, or pumpkins, and this came to mind. I think it's really easy and fun to be inspired by clothes for nail art. 
Products used:
"Stingray Chrome"
"Sun of a Beach"
Sea shell nail art (from the sea shell nail art kit)

"Autumn Leaves"
Seasonally appropriate nail look. See more of this look here.
Products used:
"Sun of a Beach" 
Leaves (found on the ground)

"Halloween Time"
I did this look for Pretty Woman's little Facebook nail art contest they hosted the day of the Virtual Party. I went all out with the orange background and then added bats and swirls with black acrylic paint.
Products used: 
Gelogic "Top Coat"
Black acrylic paint (from local craft store)
Too many colors to list!

I hope you're super excited for Halloween. I wish you a safe and happy night and weekend!
What are you all dressing up as? I didn't think ahead, so I'm not sure I'm even dressing up. Super bummer..  But tomorrow is my third anniversary of doing nail art! So you know my nails will look extra fabulous. I hope you're as excited as I am for that!

I hope you had a great week! Thanks for reading.
<3 Anna

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