Color Club Dry Marble

Hey everyone!
I think I fell in love with doing dry marble designs. It is soooo much fun and really therapeutic for me. So naturally, when I got Color Club's "Seven Deadly Sins" collection, the first thing I had to try out was a marble with the texture polishes. I'm happy it worked out so well. These types of polishes are usually a big no-no when trying to marbling in water because they don't have the right type of formula for spreading evenly.
I didn't have time to do the design on all my fingers, so I just did one nail on each hand.
I love that these are the colors of autumn. It's my favorite season, because the trees are so colorful.
Look forward to swatches of this whole collection! (I will link it here once I post them!)
(click on photos to enlarge)

(left to right): "Indulge Me", "Dirty Money", "Obsessed".

(right): a close-up of the beautiful deep blues in "Obsessed".

I hope you're having a super great weekend, thanks for reading!
<3 Anna

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