Pink and Gold "Half Mani"

Hey everyone!
I was feeling super lazy last night when trying to decide what to do on my nails. I didn't want to do anything too involved, because it was already getting so late. I wanted to do my nails in less than 5 minutes and go to bed! I also didn't want to do any post-design "clean-up". No french manicure, that's too fancy for a normal school day! So I figured, I won't paint all the way to my cuticles.

I ended up with this "half-mani" design. The OPI Design Series polishes are usually my "go-to" polishes for when I don't want to do any nail art, or for when I just don't know what to do. They are one coaters and dry pretty fast. Also, they have a holographic shimmer in the sun. Even though they're glitter/shimmer polishes, removal is as easy as a solid color polish.

And since my favorite color is pink...I had to reach for my OPI DS "Reflections".
I painted my nails first with OPI Base Coat (the whole nail, not just the part I was going to paint over with pink). Then, I painted a little more than half of my nails with the pink. I didn't use tape to get a perfect line, nor was I that careful, because I knew I was going to cover it up with gold glitter. The glitter I used is Ruby Wing "Ride 'Em Cowgirl". Then I topped it off my whole nail with OPI top coat.
Painting the whole nail with the top coat will give the non-painted area a nice glossy look!(:

I tried to do something that wasn't super fancy so I could keep my mind off my nails for a few days. I'm going to Seattle for my step-sister's wedding early tomorrow morning, and I won't have time to do my nails again until Thursday! I hope these last until then..
I'll have another fun blog post when I get back with lots of photos!

I hope you're having a great week, thanks for reading!
<3 Anna

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