Color Club Neon Watermarble

Hey everyone!
I did a fun watermarble using three polishes from Color Club's newest summer collection "Poptastic".
The polishes in this collection are so easy to watermarble with!
I'm so obsessed with these neons. The colors are so bright, even in the shade or inside. Some of them even have a nice shimmer to them, which is most noticeable in "Foxy Mama" (orange).
I ended up taking a ton of photos in different kinds of lighting so you can get a better sense of the colors.
My idea to use these colors together was inspired by @amkuch15 on Instagram! Her watermarble is really awesome. I recommend checking it out..(;
(click to enlarge)

Super bright! (shade)

The three colors I used in this watermarble;
(left-right) "Kapow!", "Foxy Mama, "Not-so-Mellow Yellow". (sun)

You can really see the shimmer in these photos! (sun)

My whole hand is glowing pink! (shade)

I took these photos with the sun directly behind my hand.


You can get these polishes from Color Club's website;
They cost $8 each.

I hope you're having a great week, thanks for reading!
<3 Anna

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  1. Your watermarbles and photos are just so perfect! <3