Born Pretty Store Nail Accessories Review

Hey everyone!
I've received a few nail art accessories from the Born Pretty Store to review and share with you all!
So I'm not repeating myself over and over again, all the item names, ID's, and prices are in the captions under the first photo of each batch.
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Nail Rhinestones
These 3D nail art gems come in a pack of 11. Ten are silver with clear stones, and one (that isn't pictured here) is pink with pink stones. There are a variety of shapes within the bunch, including bows, crowns, hearts, a star, and a cherry. The forms of these rhinestones curve to fit on the nail. When attached to the nail with a wet top coat, once dry, pop right off and can be used over and over again. That being said, the rhinestones don't easily fall off the nail.
I decided to wear a couple of them at the same time. I felt super girly, especially with the pink nail polish. The light pink I wore under the 3D gems is called NCLA "Not So Sweet" and the pink glitter is a polish from Sinfulcolors (of which my label fell off so I don't know the name!)

Delicate Nail Sticker Rhinestones

Item ID #8223
Out of the three products in this post, this one is by far my favorite. It is very easy to glam up your nails with one or more of these. If you're tight on time it is very easy to plop one of these on your nails for some instant nail art fun. When I was going to take them off, like I mentioned above, since I just stuck them onto my nail when the top coat was still wet, I was able to pop them right off. Clean off! No polish stuck to the back, and I was able to put them right back into the little container they came in.

White Water Decals
These water decals come in a pack similar to what stickers come in. The flowers are black in the middle, so putting them on black nail polish gives the illusion that they are white and transparent.
When applied, they look less like stickers and more like stamps. You can't see the clear edge around the flower from the decal, and there is no trimming them with a file or cutter like you do with nail wraps.
They were very easy to apply. A little too easy, actually. But not in a bad way, in a way that after doing this manicure I went online and ordered a bunch more decals from all over so I could use them when I'm too tired or too busy to do nail art by hand. 
Which is also why these are very nice to have. I used to not like the idea of stickers or decals for nails, especially when I could just try to do it myself. I always thought is was silly. But after trying these, I'm more open to the idea of using them. Very fast and easy nail art, and very open to experimentation. I would love to wear these again, maybe over a gradient and add some nail studs? Sounds super fun.

Nail Water Decals Sticker Transfer Sticker Elegant White

Item ID #12647 Y139C
My only advise when using these yourself, is to wait until any water on your nail or the decal is completely dry before applying top coat or the decal will smudge! I waited until I applied the decal to all ten of my nails and then waited an extra minute to apply the top coat and that seemed to work just fine. You might notice some streaking of the white flower if you apply too much top coat.

Dried Flowers
This is a really unique nail art idea I've wanted to try for a long time. These flowers come in 6 different colors (pink, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue). They are small enough that anyone with really small nails can still enjoy them, and big enough that they can stand alone without the use of any other nail art. They come in a small, white container with each color in its own little section of the container. The flowers are super fragile. They can easily snap in two (or ten) when trying to take them out of the container. I suggest using tweezers and carefully lift them out. I also recommend removing all flowers you plan on using in your manicure from the container before you start, just to make it easier when applying to the nail.

12 Color Real Dry Dried Flower

Item ID #5232
Although I like this idea a lot, the flowers being so fragile made it really hard and difficult to really use them without getting frustrated over breaking a few. Before buying any type of dried flowers to use as nail art accessories, try getting a flower or thin leaf, pressing it in a book over night, and try using that on your nails. Just to get a feel for working with the natural items. If you love the process of applying them, then these are for you. These are also for those who love taking small unique items and sticking them onto their nails. (Tiny seashells, anyone?)

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I hope you found this review helpful! If you still have any questions about these items, please feel free to ask.

I hope you have a great week, thanks for reading!
<3 Anna

(all prices are true as of February 21th, 2014)

***These products were sent to me to review. All opinions are my own personal ones.***


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