OPI Watercolor Nail Art

Hey everyone!
I did a quick design the other day on my nails. It was super simple to do, and only took me around 10 minutes.
I used three OPI polishes; "DS Extravagance", "DS Magic", and the third one's label fell off so I have no idea what it's called.
I painted my nails white first, then waited for it to dry. Then I took my nail polish brush and took off as much polish as possible, and "dry brushed" the color onto my nails. I did that for each color, then topped it off with Rainbow Honey "Celestia". 

In sunlight

Both taken with my new camera. I'm trying to practice nice hand poses with the polish bottle that I can do with both hands. It's so much harder than I thought!

Have a great weekend!
<3 Anna

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  1. Oh wow these are so so pretty! The colours go together perfectly and I love the new way you've posed your nails, my favourite 1 hand photo is the first photo, and a 2 hand photo the last photo :)