Purple & Gold Revlon Nail Art

Hey everyone! I finally caught a break from all my school work to share a new design with you!
This is my first try using my new striping tape. Of course I added some fun macro beads as well to my ring and pinkie fingers.
For this design I used Revlon "Drama" (purple), and Revlon "Gold Coin" (gold).

I painted my pointer and middle fingers with "Gold Coin" and let dry as I painted my ring and pinkie fingers with "Drama". Then I added some striping tape to my first two nails and painted one coat of "Drama" on top of the tape. I didn't wait too long before carefully pealing the tape off to reveal the gold underneath. In this photo, you can see I added one coat of my Azature Black Diamond nail polish to give it some extra shimmer. Then on my last two nails I patiently placed macro beads in a specific pattern.
I did this same design on my other hand and ended up wearing this for a whole week! So many people wanted to feel the bumpy texture of the macro beads, it was quite funny.

The striping tape I got from eBay and the macro beads I got from Michaels craft store.

That's all for today, thanks for reading!

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