Watermarbled iPhone Case

I have a super awesome review today for you guys!
I was asked by Corynn (@mucking_fusser on IG) to review one of her marbled phone cases! Of course I said yes, I love anything and everything marbled!

 I was super excited when I first received it!

 I'll show you all the pics first;

 (click on pics to enlarge)

I wanted to share my nail & ring design I did to match my case!

Ok, so my first concern with the case was how well it would actually protect my phone if it dropped. I wasn't really gonna go just throw my phone around like crazy testing it out, so I just kinda crossed my fingers and wished for the best. Well good for you, my phone likes to fly out of my hands...a lot... so I was able to test this theory. And no scratches yay! (Phew..)

Now the design, is pretty much out of this world. The idea in general is so original, who else does this?!? No one that I know of. It's really amazing. There are bubbles on the design from the water, that doesn't bother me in the least because as a water marbliest myself (that's a word, right?) it's almost impossible to do marbles without getting them, especially with the large surface area. I do really love how the design is lined up with the phone, like how the two petals reach right to the top and down to the bottom. 
While the back looks nice, what concerns me is the polish on the sides, like the rim that you can see from the front. My polish is starting to ship on it, and I'm kinda worried that it'll all chip off, especially because I've only had the case for about a week and it's already happening.

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Now I want to tell you all what she shared with me about how she makes them.

"The case if first layered with a coat of acrylic paint. I then place the case into the polish design which sometimes can leave small air bubbles which I have come to realize are unpreventable. I then let this dry and coat the case with a layer of modpodge to hold in the polish. Lastly a coat of clear to coat is then applied to give it a nice finish as well as act as a nice sealer. Therefore the case should not be around any polish remover or anything that could harm it."

She also told me she's aiming to sell them for between $15-$20 which I think is completely reasonable. And also, she has them for the iphone 4 and 5.

So overall, is it worth it? Uh well, YES. If and when she sells them buy yourself one! Although I do have to say, if it chipping bothers you, and you think you'll pick at it (which i started doing without realizing it..) you night want to skip on it, cause what's the point on spending money on a case if you're gonna pick at it? lol, sounds silly but I did wanna just point that out.

I hope my review was helpful, if you have more questions you can ask Corynn (@mucking_fusser on IG) cause if it's not here then I won't know the answer!

That's all for now! See ya'll in a couple days for more swathes!(:

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  1. Thanks for the review!! I really have been looking at these and wondering how well they hold up against chipping.