Some Color Changing Fun with Ruby Wing

Hey everyone! 
Time is flying by so fast. Hours, days, weeks, can all happen in a blink of an eye! I don't know how to slow it down so I can have more time to get things done. I feel like I'm in some sort of time warp where I'll never have the time to finish everything I want to finish! Where's a time machine when I need one! Doc? Doc, you there?! 
As my first semester of senior year comes to an end, finals are just around the corner. I'm drowning in my thesis work and all the essays I have to write!

I love doing my nails too much to go on a temporary break from blogging. It might seem like at times that I am ignoring my blog or falling behind on posting. I try to at least do one post a week when I'm really busy, and hopefully during Thanksgiving break I can catch up and plan ahead so I can try to get back to posting on a more regular basis. I'm finding this blogger app on my phone is quite helpful in writing my posts.

So on to the nails of the day..
For this design I did something super simple. I painted my nails green using Ruby Wing's "Rodeo", which is a color changing polish (changes color in the sun). Then I lightly sponged wHet polish "Kerfuffle" (light blue) on top of the green, once it dried, in a different spot on each nail. I did the same with wHet polish "Machiavellian" (gold shimmer) on top of the blue. If you pat the sponge on a towel to get some of the excess polish off before applying it to your nails, it will be easier to achieve a light, thin layer that will actually look sponged and will only cover a small area as opposed to a giant dot or something. Then, I did the same thing with Ruby Wing "Ride me' Cowgirl". I still used the sponge to dab the gold glitter onto my nails, because it helps make the glitter more compact looking without applying a bunch of thick layers. The sponge absorbs the clear polish that the glitter sits in, which is nice. Doing the glitter with a sponge helps it dry faster, too.

Here are some photos;
(click on photo to enlarge)


left; inside // right; outside

I love how much this design changes in the sunlight! The colors become so warm. The original light green color turns into a more dull, almost beige color in the sun. The blue and gold stay the same.
Then the gold glitter on top changed to a warm red. The clear polish the gold glitter is suspended in also gets tinted red.

I really enjoy using color changing polish. It's always fun, especially when my friends realize it changes color, they can get really into it. I need to use these polishes more often!

Thanks for reading! I hope you're having a great week.
<3 Anna

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