Neon Watermarble

Hey everyone!
I blame school for my lack of posts. I'm still doing my nails all the time, though! I finally had some time today to take photos of my watermarble nails I did last night. These nails are so fun and bright for such a cold and stressful week!
I used a bunch of the Island Girl polishes I got over the summer when I went to Hawaii.
The watermarble design is super simple, as the polishes dried super fast when making my target in the water. I was going to go for a more detailed, flower-y design, but I'm really digging the simple, bold stripe design! Hey, sometimes less is more, right?
Here are some photos of both my left and right hands. I like the design on my right hand more!
(click to enlarge)

the bottle is glowing..

I hope you all have a great weekend, and if you're going out or even staying in, have some extra fun for me! Time for me to rush off to the studio to get more work done.

Thanks for reading!

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