China Glaze Holiday 2014 Collection "Twinkle"

Hey everyone!
Today I have swatches of China Glaze's Holiday Collection "Twinkle" to share with you all! It's quite the collection. It has a good mix of everything; glitters, shimmers, solid colors, Christmas colors, and simple winter colors. That's what I like most about this collection, that it has a little bit of something for everyone, no matter what holiday you celebrate. Even then, some shades, like "No Peeking!" for example, can be worn whenever, and not have a 'holiday' vibe.
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"No Peeking!"
A beautiful deep, shimmer purple. Application was very smooth, although you can see a few of the brush strokes. It's not terribly bad though. If you're careful enough, you can avoid them.
two coats; no top coat

"Dancing and Prancing"
A rainbow glitter top coat. Another polish that isn't 'holiday specific' but will still add a little bit of a festive tone to your nails during the season. I was able to get all this coverage in one coat, I was pretty impressed.
one coat of "Dancing and Prancing" over two coats of "No Peeking"; no top coat

"Tip Your Hat"
A smooth, red polish. A perfect red, in my opinion, for Christmas day. It's simple, elegant, and not over-the-top if worn by itself.
two coats; no top coat

"Pine-Ing for Glitter"
A green glitter topper. China Glaze must be cookin' up something real good when they made all these glitter toppers. They packed in enough glitter that you only need to apply one coat.
one coat of "Pine-Ing for Glitter" over two coats of "Tip Your Hat"; no top coat

"I'd Melt for You"
A silver metallic polish. This one was the only polish I found a little tricky in applying. It streaks quite a bit, and you have to be quick when applying it, because if the polish is like, 'half-dry' then you'll end up pulling all the polish off your nails with the second coat. It also dries really thin, so if you have any dents or ridges in your nails I recommend using a Ridge Filler (OPI has a good one) as a base coat or all the ridges will show.
two coats; no top coat

"Feeling Twinkly"
A blue glitter topper. Again, only needed one coat to get this coverage. The polish is a little water-y, so I recommend shaking the bottle a little before using it and maybe even in between coats just to move the glitters around.
one coat of "Feeling Twinkly" over two coats of "I'd Melt for You"; no top coat

"Define Good..."
A deep, ruby red shimmer polish. I think this is my new favorite polish ever. The color is so deep and beautiful, in my opinion, and it only needed one coat. The application of it was very smooth, and there weren't any brush strokes visible in the polish (unlike the other shimmers). A tad more elegant that the previous red polish, "Tip Your Hat". I also think that this is the most festive/holiday polish in this collection, so if you only could buy one polish, I highly recommend this one.
one coat; no top coat

A gold/holographic glitter topper. Super packed with glitter, I can't believe how much coverage it gets in one coat. Kinda crazy. The only thing I don't like so much about this polish is the bar glitters, but that's just a personal preference. They don't stick up or anything, so if you like bar glitters, then just ignore what I'm saying!
one coat of "De-Light" over one coat of "Define Good..."; no top coat

"Out Like a Light"
A smooth grey polish. Nothing fancy, but I like that a dark neutral color was added into the collection. It's a nice breather from all the glitter and shimmer going on.
two coats; no top coat

"Chillin' With My Snow-mies"
A white, matte glitter topper. This bottle is mostly clear polish, so your best bet is to just do some glitter placement. That way you don't end up with a pile of gloop and like, 2 dots on one nail. It's really easy to dab some of this polish on a napkin or something and take a toothpick to pick up the glitters. They're kind of big, so you don't have to do a lot of glitter placement to get a good amount on your nails.
glitter placement with "Chillin' With my Snow-mies" over two coats of "Out Like a Light"; with top coat

"December to Remember"
A shimmer blue polish with tiny pink-ish flakes. It's like the perfect 'winter' shade of blue.
two coats; no top coat

"Meet Me Under the Stars"
I think this polish is quite unique to a holiday collection; it's certainly not the first thing I think of in relation to the season. I think it's a super cute idea. It's a nice combination of festive glitter and a neutral color palette. 
two coats; no top coat

You can check these polishes out here on China Glaze's website.
Have a safe and Happy Holidays!

I hope you're having a super great week, thanks for reading!
<3 Anna

**These nail polishes were sent to me to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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