"Sneaky Tiki" Collection by Zombie Darlings

Hey you guys!! hehe today I have some sumer rainbow holo amazingness to share with you all. An indie brand new to me, Zombie Darlings, has some beautiful new polishes. All are part of her "Sneaky Tiki" collection.

The first three polishes I have to show you are holographic polishes. The formula is pretty much the same with all three. These are pictured using only 3 thin coats without a top coat. All are stunning in the sun!

Now for a ton of pictures! (Click to enlarge!)

Key Lime Colada


This polish didn't seem to wanna dry, maybe it was because I rushed a little, so if you get these, make sure to take your time in between layers! 

Maui Now

This polish is already such a beautiful color, the rainbow just intensified it like a million times. I can see myself wearing this color a lot this summer.

Mystic Chocolate

This polish seemed to have the most holo! It was so mesmerizing, and it gave me an intense craving for chocolate. Just picture rainbow chocolate..ahhhh I need chocolate xP


This polish is used over "Key Lime Colada" (I used two coats) and they look very nice together! I think this glitter topper would look great over any of the polishes in this collection.

Click on pics to enlage!

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  1. These polishes look amazing! And your pictures are stunning! You've just earnes yourself a new follower :)