Ink Inspired Collection by PJ Polish

Long awaited review..I have lots of pics for PJ Polish's collection of polishes inspired by tattoos! There are 6 in total, "Koi Fish" and "Phoenix" are jellies, "Dark Fairy" and "Pirate Ship" are glitter toppers, and "Lotus Flower" and "Hannya Mask" are shimmers!

Koi Fish
Three coats on it's own, so squishy! This polish is a blue jelly with CIRCLE<3 glitters, and orange hexes, and small white dots! Looks like an abstract koi pond!

Some pics in the sun.

(left) Macro bottle shot (right) polish in the shade.
Click to enlarge.

Dark Fairy
I think this just became one my favorite polishes. I wore this all week as a full mani! I loved it! This is three coats with some dabbing over OPI "DS Extravagance" (My all-time favorite polish).

Macro shots! Bottle (left) and finger (right)
Click to enlarge!

Hannya Mask
Such a pretty green! This is three coats on its own. I had to turn the bottle upside down for the glitters to sink to the top, but it was okay because I liked this amount of glitter! Not too much, not too little. And if you really wanted to, you could try to wear this without getting any glitters, for a plain green mani. (You would have to wait a couple days for all the glitters to sink, though). I think that's fun because it's almost like having two polishes in one! It's such a pretty green. The glitters are lovely too. This picture is in direct sunlight.

(Left) in the shade. (Right) in the sun! Look at that sparkle! I love how different the sun makes it look! It literally brings out the sparkle!

And here's a lovely macro shot!
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Lotus Flower
So prettier in real life, it was so had to photograph white! But I tried! This is three coats on its own. No glitter placing! But I did roll the glitter around in the bottle before applying, which really helps.
This is a beautiful white shimmer polish with green and pink glitters.

(Left) another shot, (Right)  macro of nail!

Macro of bottle!
Click to enlarge.

This red. Oh mah gawd. I fell in love! Three coats on its own. Looks so squishy! This is another jelly, red base with blue, red and gold glitters. I did a little glitter placement for the big gold glitters, but other than that, the glitters were easy to get out.

More pics! (All in the sun)

Click to enlarge.

Pirate Ship
This is three coats with a little dabbing over OPI "DS Original". Love this combo! Easy to apply. You can use a lot of glitter or a little, I just wanted a lot! hehe. Love the colors. Pic taken in sun light.

Both pics taken in the shade.

Macro of the bottle!
Click to enlarge.

The collection as a whole is so lovely, I love all the colors and the variety of the polishes. There's something for everyone!

Where to buy;
Instagram; jenlynnsnails

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